Feb 9, 2012

The Bar is Moving..... 8000 Cement Blocks Funded

WOW... what a wonderful way to start today.  I checked the First Giving online fundraiser page for Mawuvio's and MOP  received 2 more donations to fund the cement blocks, getting us over the 25% mark toward the goal.  The joy in my heart is a tsunami.  When Renee and Kwame get the updates, they can't believe the progress we are making. I can always hear the echo of Kwame's impassioned voice saying... THANK YOU MADAM, THANK YOU MOMMY -  remember in Ghana you are always someones's mother, auntie, or madam, they are terms of endearment.   Renee tells me I am an angel, and I say NO, you and Kwame are the angels. I am simply helping connect the dots of a landscape and path planned for and outlined by a platoon of angels, serving our Heavenly Father.  What Renee and Kwame are doing does not happen by design, it happens because of GRACE, the bountiful GRACE in their hearts and minds. 

I can't ever say thank you enough - What I can say: I am   committed 150% to see these children graduate from MOP and continue with a high school education and become examples to their younger brothers, sisters, their neighbors, other children in Kissemah and soon to be Aiykumah.  

I look forward to the day I visit the new school and get help from Kwame and Renee to find the right spot to hang the plaque with all the names of the wonderful people who are helping fund the cement blocks for the school construction.
Thanks everyday from my heart,  Elena