Jan 31, 2012

Tuesday Phone Call

I just got off the phone with the children, they were finishing their morning classes and Kwame was actually reading them one of my poems, The Iguana Visits. I will post one day, it is about an iguana that visited the courtyard of my brother's home in Panama when he lived in Santiago. True story.

Renee held up the phone and all the children greeted me, HELLO MADAM, HOW ARE YOU MADAM......I promise to record a call soon.  I got the instructions on how to do this, however I need to do a practice run.

Today I spoke to the little ones, most of them sit in the front row of the class: Grace Mary, Yvette, Alice, Elijah, they are 4 and 5. Also got to talk to Kingswey, Patricia, Grace and Matilda.  Renee also walked the phone back to the kitchen area and I was able to greet Madam Cece.  Madam Cece has a voice and spirit full of calm.  When she speaks her conversation is slow, whatever words she speaks, they come from her heart.

With the children I  try to personalize each tiny conversation, asking individual questions about their likes, dislikes, favorite subjects, etc.  Maddie and Morgan barked when I was talking to Patricia, I tried to explain the barking, not sure if this made sense to her.  My consistent message, I think of them all the time, I am calling to greet them, I ask them about their classes, what they are studying and I always tell them that school is very important and that I look forward to seeing them sometime this year.

Renee's birthday is February 5th, so I told her she would be getting a birthday phone call in a few days.