Jan 25, 2012

My Tuesday Phone Call on Wednesday....

I made a commitment to the children that I would call on Tuesday mornings "early" to coincide with their lunch time in Kissemah. Yesterday I forgot to make my weekly call, I told Renee that won't happen again.

This morning I was able to greet and talk a bit with Grace Mary, Yvette, Alice, Forgive, Beauty, Kofi Samson, Felicia, Grace and Josefine. I was also able to talk to the teachers, Lowrinda and Merci and ofcourse Renee and Kwame.  The voice of the children a beautiful symphony, a rushing waterfall, the sounds of their young hearts, (especially knowing who each one is) fills my entire body, mind and soul with a joy that is hard to describe. One day I am going to dedicate an entire post attempting to describe the joy !

A few updates on the overall program:

1_ The new class of ISEP college students arrived at the University of Ghana this week; Renee and Kwame will be speaking to the group and usually 4 to 6 will commit to volunteering at the Mawuvio's school 1 or 2 days a week from now until May when their semester in Ghana is over.  ISEP is the International Student Exchange Program, the same program that originally brought Renee to Ghana.  One of the students, Kathryn Jensen, has committed to working with Rueben and Randolf, the 2 deaf brothers. Kathryn is studying speech pathology and is in her junior year of school. And Kathryn thanks for taking my package of goods to Renee and the children, I appreciate.

2_ I will be submitting the Google Grant application for free Google AD clicks for the ETSY site that Mawuvio's has set up to sell their bracelets.  This is my first grant application, the first of many. Thanks to Patrick Parks for helping me with all the research and information.  The Esty link in on the blog page under links.  Thanks to all who have purchased and are wearing  Mawuvio's recycled glass bead bracelets.

3_ One orthopedic surgeon has reviewed Godwin's information, we are waiting on a 2nd surgeon to review and provide update on what is possible for Godwin.  I will post the YouTube video of him tomorrow.  If you want to know more about Godwin you can scroll down on the blog, I did a post  on him on 12/26/2011, he is a wonderful boy, smart, sometimes too smart, filled with life, he wants to be the Black Stars goalie (the national Ghana soccer team) even though his feet don't work like they should.

4_ The BUILD A LIFE ONE CEMENT BLOCK at a time fundraiser is gaining momentum. We are very close to the $3000 mark, the overall goal is $15,000. If you are interested in funding 10, 50, 100 cement blocks for the new school, let me know and I can send  the link to the online fundraiser. All donations are IRS tax deductible. And thanks to all who have donated - Renee and Kwame continue to be overwhelmed by your interest, your generosity and are very appreciative of your support.  Oh the blocks are FIFTY CENTS each.   Email me at elena1025@comcast.net if you have any questions.

5_ This past week I got an order for 100 recycled glass bead bracelets made by the children ~ ~  HORRAY ! ! ! !

6_ This past week Mawuvio's got two commitments for child sponsorship ~ ~  HORRAY ! ! !

Next week I am going to sit at my iMAC and turn on the microphone and see if I can record the phone call via having the children speak very loudly and having my phone on speaker. I can post the audio with their photos and share the symphony of their voices.  Even though I am not a techie, I love love all things possible with technology.

If you know of any group, club, organization, school, church that would enjoy a presentation on the Mawuvio's Outreach Programme, let me know.

As always .... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU or AKBE AKBE AKBE.... (thanks in Ewe) ~ your support, your interest, your encouragement is dear to my heart and yes overwhelming.

I thank God and all the angels  that are assigned to the Mawuvio's children for all the wonderful people in my life who allow me to continue telling this story.  Hugs to all ! ! !