Dec 27, 2011

What I take with me from Ghana

What I take with me from Ghana

1. The love and joy of the children, their smiles, their appreciation, energy, humor, curiosity, their excitement about school and learning, their tiny hands reaching out to hold mine.

2. The life long friendship with Kwame and Renee. I have told them before and will tell them again, I am inspired by them, I am honored to know them and I will support them as Mawuvios grows and expands.

3. Ceci who took such good care of us. She is Kwame's Mom, and the Mom of all the children when they go back into her kitchen area to get water or spend time with her when they are on breaks. Ceci is kind, gracious, funny and a wonderful chef of all foods in Ghana. It is a pleasure to greet the day in Ceci's outdoor kitchen area, she always has fresh brewed coffee, tea, eggs and toast. Ceci always ensured we had our village shower water in the evenings.....
She is a wonderful host and made us feel right at home.

4. Stefan...he is 10 years old, he is Ceci's grandson, he lives here with her. His Dad works in Holland and is Mother does not see him often. Stefan was around most of the time, he loved hearing stories of Maddie and Morgan. I showed him all my photo albums on Shutterfly, he was interested in all my trips. He wants to someday be a pilot. His birthday is July 16th, I told him I would not forget. He is also responsible to give the goats water.

5. The smiles and weLcome of the Ghanian people. Everywhere we went we were welcomed.

6. The time that people invest in honestly and sincerely caring for each other.
When someone greets you here, when someone says Morning Morning, the greeting is always followed by a question or two regarding your well being, your day, your plans, your day or evening before. No other question or matter comes up until you are properly greeted.

7. Getting to spend time with Lizzie and Traci, who traveled with me from Iowa.
They are delightful young ladies, we all enjoyed Ghana, I hope we can all come back.

8. Johnny and Lawrence, friends of Kwame and Renee. They helped with our airport transportation and took us to Cape Coast and provided a tour of Accra the first Sunday here. They are both wonderful.

9. Memories of cool afternoons at the Rasta Spot across the street enjoying a cold Club or Star or Goulder beer. The time without the school children allowed Renee and Kwame to relax a bit, we had wonderful conversations under the cool shaded trees of the bar. I was always glad when we could get an afternoon break cooling off and hanging out.

10. The walks around the village, the trips to the market, the soccer field, the morning we visited the homes of the children. The experience will always be with me, the proximity to a life much different yet very similar to mine. My mind's eye will never forget the buckets of water, the power outages, the smell of garbage fires and the ever presence of random goats and chickens and their small chicks in tow.

I thank God for giving me this great opportunity and experience. Thanks to Renee and Kwame for their wonderful friendship and hospitality. Until we meet again.....MY E MAVA.

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