Dec 21, 2011

Wednesday, No Children

Yesterday was our first full day with no children around, with the exception of Grace Mary who was confused on what days we have vacation school this week. She came to the school office for about 30 minutes and then we sent her home. I missed the children very much.

We had a big task to complete yesterday, we did a comprehensive cleaning and organization of the school office. Renee was thrilled that we would sign up for this, and in about 5 hours time we made great progress and Renee was very happy with the results. Thursday we are getting a filing cabinet for the office and I will help Renee get all the appropriate records filed.
Yesterday the power was out from about 9am to 5pm, it happens more often during the day than a night. We were fortunate that we had a wonderful cool breeze all day long, so when we needed a break we sat on the school porch and it was wonderful.

We celebrated Lizzie's 2nd Birthday yesterday. She brought cake mix and frosting from home, CECE cranked up the outdoor gas oven and after dinner last night we had a delicious birthday celebration. I was not aware until yesterday, CECE is a wonderful baker, during certain months of the year she bakes and sells bread and rolls. I am glad she is not baking while we are here, bread is one of my all time favorite, especially warm out of the oven or toaster.
Today the plan: we are going to the Somanya Bead market, we will also go to the school construction site and we are going to a place where we will hike into the hills and see some wild life. Renee says the place looks like the set of the Lion King, with Pridr Rock.
Tomorrow we have school and I will go with Kwame to get the filing cabinet, not sure what else is on the schedule.

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