Dec 15, 2011


Today or tomorrow stop for a moment to track every time you use water and a sink or basin or shower. Think about when your children use water, or your neighbors. At compound we are staying all the running water is outside. There are outdoor spigots placed throughout the layout so all the families have access, and the pail and basin and bucket and barrel system takes hold.
There is order for all the water vessels, some to drink water, some to wash, some to bathe, some as the big barrel serve as back up if the water supply stops flowing. And then there are the cups used to get water out of the big buckets or pails. For example, for the outdoor shower we use the "yellow pail" and the large" blue cup" to scoop the water and pour over the body.
To wash hands there is a special place by the kitchen where you scoop water and wash and rinse over a drain, like a french drain that runs along the length of the compound. To brush your teeth, you bring your toothbrush ready to the same area (with a bottle of purified water) and do the same. You brush and rinse and basically spit in the French type drain. It all works.
Cece most of the day is collecting water; there is a fountain melody in her kitchen area, one of the reasons I love sitting back here. She knows just the right amount of water flow so no water is wasted. The same process or set up is repeated throughout the compound by the other families. And throughout Kissemah....buckets and pails abound. Most are bright yellow, orange and blue. And lots of those big heavy duty type buckets that we all have in our garages back home to wash the cars.
Water, water everywhere.

------ Short and sweet from my iPad ---------