Dec 18, 2011

Today is Sunday ...

Right now I am sitting in the school office, it is quiet, very quiet. No children, no music from the Rasta Spot across the street and the area of the office is quiet, not as many people and vendors passing by.  Renee and Kwame and Lizzie and Traci are on a day trip to the beach, this afternoon we will all go to Jerry's a local bar, hangout with Professor Akis from University of Ghana and a few of the students.  From what I've heard, Jerry's is one of the most go to places when you are associated with the university. Will see.

Yesterday was a big big day.  We had the Mawuvios School end of term program.  Parents and community members were invited. The festivities started at 4pm, the children sang traditional holiday carols, then a group of 12 of the student girls did the traditional dance with a borbobor drumming group that is from a nearby village. There was also a DJ with the local popular music and food  and minerals for all.  Cece made a huge batch of Jolof and Fried Chicken which is very very tasty. 

The children love to dance, boy and girls, no one is bashful We had a conga line lead by Isaac and all the school children followed.  The drumming group is very good, they play traditional music a weddings, funerals and all types of events.  The children also got their "terminal reports" which is their grades for the term. As of Friday the children "vacated' school and will be back on January 5th.  They don't have break or vacation, they vacate.  That is the term they use here. Because the party was for the school children, the festivities end promptly at 7pm; most of the children were going to their local churches for Christmas carols programs the same evening.

This coming week we are having vacation classes, on Monday I am planning to teach and art and share my favorite places I have visited in the world.  Tuesday we are doing a school organization project with Renee, so the children will not come. Wednesday we are going to the Somanya Market where they sell the beads. We are also going to check out the school construction project, they made progress with the building foundation this past week.  And then Thursday we plan to have vacation classes again, probably share the Michael Jackson THIS IS IT movie that day. 

On Thursday I have to go with Kawme to Cargolux a local airfreight company that received the boxes I shipped from Atlanta. Getting the boxes is not a problem, clearing them through the customs process will be the test. We are trying "the system" to see if shipping via air freight is a possibility especially for the much needed school supplies.  Many people ship in large containers, but you either have to have tons of goods to shiop, or find a container where you can pay for space. Containers travel by sea, so they take 30 to 45 days to get here.  I will keep my fingers crossed that all goes well and we can get the boxes cleared the same day so we dont have to go back to the airport.