Dec 16, 2011

Today is Friday ....

I am writing this post around 3pm in the afternoon, we have had a full full day. Today was the last day of school for the term 1. The children had worship today for 1 hour, followed by 1 hour of scocer play and jump rope for the girls, followed by lunch.  We had a treat for the children after lunch, peanut butter cups with marshmellows. They loved them. These are the single serving size that we get in the cafeteria at Cox. Lizzie and Traci brought the marshmellows from Iowa.  All but 2 of the children like the peanut butter. They have something similir called nut paste.  We were supposed to see the Michael Jackson, This is I tmovie, as the afternoon activity, but in fine fashion the power was out.  So Kwame closed the day with prayer and the children went home. Tomorrow we are having the school holiday program, songs, traditional dance and drumming. The children will get to eat again and the parents will be served minerals or soft drinks.

A quick update on Matilda and Alice and Sherriff, all with eye issues.   Alice is fine, she is smiling and singing and having a good time at school. Her pink eye is gone and she has not had a fever in the past two days.  Matilda came to school today, her eye was much much better and she was smiling. Not the long face she had yesterday. Sheriff, I think was over playing his eye injury yesterday to get attention from me. I am learning slowly but surely, as I don't want to favor any of the children. I am trying hard to spend time with all of them, ask them questions, dance with them, tickle them, hold their hands, sing, any and all type of activities.

Today at the school field I even referred the pre-kinder soccer game and it was a trip. Thank God I had my whistle with me. It helped me with moving them from one side of the filed to another, which was the size of a volleyball court. We were in wide open field, under the Ghanian sun and all I can tell you is that three hours later I am still hot and wet all over.  Today is going to be my first 2 shower day.  The heat is intense.  We all drink tons of water ----

Last night we had pizza at the University of Ghana Guest Center, a place frequented by the foreign exchange professors and students. Kwame and Renee know most of them, as this is a source of the volunteers that come to the Mawuvios school to help.  The pizza was good, also had a Ghanian beer called STAR that I liked.

Our other outing yesterday was a slow walk in the Kissemah village to look for the lady who sells the African cloth or fabric called kente.  And that was an experience, the children upon seeing 4 white people walking started to follow us, laugh, sing, and say 1 obroui, 2 obroui, 3 obroui... the experience is very interesting.
It happens most places we go, many of the adults will say hello or welcome.   We also went to meet two of Kawme's older uncles, the visit is part of their culture and done out of respect for the elders who also live in Kissemah.

I know I am supposed to write about a few other topics, but I am tired and am going across the street to get some cold purified water. The school frig today is filled with all the minerals for the party tomorrow.  As you can imagine ICE is very very scare here, have not seen any yet.