Dec 20, 2011

The Balance of Commerce......

When I was helping in the kitchen area on Saturday Lowrinda asked me if we had street vendors that sold food like they do here, and I told her no. I explained that we had food places like Good Day Fast Food across the street, but explained that most people drive their cars to these places.

I have photos in my regular camera of as many street vendors as possible, vendors that balance trays, boxes, plastic bins, hampers and homemade contraptions to hold whatever they are selling and "sale" they do. To date these are all the items I have seen balanced by men, women, young, old, up and down the streets of Kissemah, mostly which are not paved and not even.
Ice cream, yogurt, watermelon, pineapple, bananas, plantains, apples, fans for the coal pots, sun glasses, shoes, diapers, bras, live chicks, wood for fire, jewelry, sodas or minerals, clothes, materials to make clothes, bread, plastic containers, water, mini hardware collections, I am sure I am forgetting some.
My favorite was a vendor we saw the second day here, she had a plastic clothes like hamper, round, filled with bags of plantain chips. She had plantain chips made from green plantains, when they're not ripe and then the same type of chips made from ripe plantains. These are tasty snacks, when we were young kids in Panama we would use these chips to dip into a wonderful black bean dip recipe that my Mom would make. I look forward to having some chips when we go to the Somanya Market to check out all the beads.

I am amazed by their ability to balance and actually do the selling, grabbing for items, bending down, making change and never once have I seen a spill. Tomorrow I will photograph a few with my iPad and post.
Most people learn the "art of balance" at a young age because many of the children have to fetch water at tanks or taps near their homes. Up the street from our place is such a water source and in the afternoon you can see a parade of children coming with their empty vessels and heading home with the liquid goods.

------ Short and sweet from my iPad ---------