Dec 13, 2011

The Backpacks....

The children were told that after the 2nd exam there would be something for all. So imagine all the children sitting in the school benches on Cece's porch and me bringing out 3 suitcases ..... they anticipation was making them crazy. I had to unlock all three of them. I proceeded to get one backpack out and explain how these had been acquired for all of them. I took out the individual note they all had and read it to them, read every name of all who contributed funds and told them all the states you are from, so they were aware that many people cared for them.

To make the presentation special, each child was called to come up to the front to pick out the one they wanted. The loved the pencils, erasers and their specs. Kwame asked them to allow all the kids to get their backpacks and then the hooting and hollering started. Once they started to celebrate it was wild, they were jubilant, happy, some I don't think thought the moment was real. Goodwin the little boy you will get to meet up close and personal, picked out a bright pink one. Renee said colors here are not boy, girl type colors, pink is cool for boys and black or blue is cool for girls.
Kwame and Renee explained that the bags are for school and that they are to be taken care, not dragged on the ground, not thrown in the corner, etc. They also all had name tags with the school logo to remind them of the overall purpose of the bags, to carry their books and their school uniforms.
I tried to take it all in, I had moments were I wanted to just sit down and cry, the children we so excited, their eyes big, their smiles wide. Kwame made sure that they knew people from abroad are thinking of them, wanting them to do well in school. As always the afternoon was closed with a beautiful prayer led by Kwame. He is an amazing orator of God's word, and he prays out loud, enunciates every word, all the children with their heads bowed and eyes closed, and there is always two or three hollering AMEN's from all the children.

THANKS TO ALL WHO DONATED MONEY - THANKS THANKS THANKS. When you read this update know that you have made a group of children across the world very very happy.

I am writing this update the day after the backpacks were given out, today all the children had them at school. All had their specs in the front pocket, all showed me their name tags, and all wanted the draw strings tied down, so I helped about 10 of them, had a few of the older children learn so they could help the little ones. I have pictures I will post when I get back to the school office.
Right now I am at Salon de Bombay with Madam Augusta, Traci is getting her hair braided, the process takes 4 hours. She has 3 ladies working on her. Lizzie is coming back tomorrow for her appointment. It cost 28 Cedis to get this done, so about $17.00.

When I got back to the school I also plan to check on Alice. I will let you know how she is doing today.

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