Dec 18, 2011

The Art of a village Bucket Shower......

Thanks to Cece's management of the water source in her kitchen area, we've always had water for the showers. Most everyone showers in the evening before going to sleep. In the compound there are 4 shower areas, we share ours with Cece's family. Little children, toddler age, bathe in large basins in front of their units in the shared patio area.

As the days have gone by I've learned the proper position of the small scoop bucket over my head to yield the maximum amount of water on the body and not on the shower area floor. There is also so much water needed to lather up with soap, in order to save and enjoy three quarters of the pail of water for rinsing and just plain cooling off.

I can tell you that the last rush of water over your head is a treat. I know this is probably way too much information for some; I am trying to tell the complete story. And by the way I am using the peppermint bar soap from Trader Joe's.....someone told me that peppermint has an effect on the pores that cools your body. I think it is working.

------ Short and sweet from my iPad ---------