Dec 6, 2011


I got confirmation from Renee that the school has SKYPE and WIFI - horray !  They recently got a router installed so all the volunteers and visitors can access the internet while they are visiting or supporting the program.  Renee also told me there are 2 or 3 internet cafe's within a short walking distance, I should be covered in terms of access so I can post updates to the blog.  Thanks to all those who have subscribed; I will be visiting your inboxes on a daily basis.  Knowing that you are with me, interested and supportive of my experiences with the Mawuvio's children makes this experience that much more special.  

The temperature in Ghana all this week is forecast for sunny and 88* - Renee confirmed that it has not rained for about 3 weeks, Ghana is in the beginning of the dry season. The weather is much like Panama, hot, humid and either raining or not.  I am looking forward to the warm weather.