Dec 24, 2011

Random Ghana Moments, Observations.....

1. If you travel to Ghana you need to bring smiles and patience !!!!!
Do not ever consider coming here if you don't have patience and a sense of adventure. The smiles are for the warm and very friendly Ghanian people...all make you feel very welcome.

2. To date I've only seen three women drivers in Accra and Renee is one of them... You go Renee !!!!!

3. There are random goats everywhere; when you least expect it a goat or a group of goats will pass by the front of the school, or be around the corner,'or in the back of a pick up, or leashed to a fruit vendor stall down on the main road.
4. You are always someone's Auntie, Sister, Madam or Mother.....
5. At some point during your visit you will recognize the sweet smell of Marijuana.
6. The true Ghana hand shake between friends always ends with a snap of fingers, it is very cool.
7. Music is everywhere, they love Bob Marley !!!
8. Coca Cola Light is hard to find.
9. Cheese forget about it, only found at the import store at the Accra Mall or if you go somewhere that serves pizza.
10. Bring a handkerchief to dry the "river of sweat"off your face, several times a day. It is hot here and you just have to get over it and drink and drink and drink little pouches of cold Pure water.
11. Traffic can be a serious condition have to know where you are going, when not to go and be ready for taxi driver stand will make another one mad and they will simply sit and block each other from moving along with everyone around them.
12. GMT is Ghana Maybe Time.....Everything happens on a the Ghana schedule and you have to go with the flow. It is a way of life and it works.
13. You can expect a marriage proposal or two depending on how long your stay is....Lizzie had a proposal from the back of a pick up when we were returning from Somanya.
14. A spot is a bar, a chop house is a restaurant. If you see an advertisement for "vulcanizing services", that means they fix tires.
15. Fried rice, Jollof and Red Red are all great rice dishes. And one of my all time favorite rice dishes is Waccke....pronounced WACHE, like watch with an E on the end....this dish is rice with spagetti noodles on top with a red sauce mixed in.
16. God or Jesus is included in the name of many, many business. Today we passed by.....Try Jesus Digital Electronics.
17. The Customs agents take their jobs way too serious, especially in the cargo division of the airport.
18. Donuts in Ghana are shipped like balls, the size of a muffin.
19. The national soccer team is called the Black Stars. Ghana was defeated by the US in the last World Cup.
20. Ghana has been a democratic republic since March 6th, 1957.

------ Short and sweet from my iPad ---------