Dec 28, 2011

Our last day in Kissemah.....

Our last day in Kissemah.....

Our flight leaves at 9:55pm this evening, it is 12 hours in the air, we land in Atlanta at 5:30 in the morning on Thursday. Johnny and Lawrence will come to pick us up at 6pm. From what I understand there is a 5pm visit across the street at the Rasta Spot for our last cold Ghanian Beer.

The children will come to vacation school again today, not sure what we have planned. Kwame and I have to go to Air Ghana Cargo to get the boxes I shipped the day before I left. One day I will write about our first attempt at picking up the boxes, that is where I met the not so nice customs agent. Today we are much more informed on the process, in Ghana anything that has to do with bureaucracy will most likely be a challenge. Once you know the system, or you know someone, then things get easier. As the country moves forward, progresses, I am sure over time things will change.

Once I get home I will continue to write updates on the program and include further details and stories of all the experiences we had while we were here.
I am also looking forward to sharing all the photos and video that I have.

I plan to do an online fund raiser via an organization called First Giving that helps facilitate the entire process, including IRS receipts. I have an accurate estimate of how many cement blocks are needed to finish the school, my goal....TO BUILD LIVES ONE CEMENT BLOCK AT A TIME.

I listened to a speech by former President Clinton at a conference that Renee attended, one of the statistics he shared......115 Million children around the world do not have access or the opportunity to attend primary school. When I get home I will post the link to the speech.

Renee said that many of the children will come this evening to see us off and that some will cry. I am not sure I am ready for that, I will let you know how it goes. Wi-Fi is not available on international Delta flights, I will post an update when I am home in Atlanta.

Thanks again for your notes, emails, for your support and encouragement.
I hope to be back in 2012 to celebrate the opening of the school program in Ayikumah. As the say in Ewe.....I go and come back......MY E MAVA !!!!!!!

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