Dec 18, 2011


Isaac is the young man I sponsor in the Mawuvio's Outreach Program, my support is $30 per month to help with cost of education, food, and medicine if needed. Issac has two other brothers in the program, Kingswey and Forgive. Ben, is an older brother, who was also in the program.  Isaac and Ben were in  the original handful of children that Kwame was teaching on his porch when he met Renee in 2009.

Isaac is 13, he will be 14 on February 28th.  He wants to be a math teacher and he is a very good soccer player and dancer.  He is also very handsome and has a strong, confident, cordial manner.  Yesterday as we were waiting for the program to start, he came over and sat with me and we chatted. During our conversation he asked me if teacher Renee had told me about his Mother.  I said, yes. I knew that his Mother had been sick and has passed away.  He then told me, "today is 1 month and 1 week".. and I knew exactly what that meant.  Isaac had no idea, but I too had counted days like that when my dear Mother died in 1974 when I was young like Isaac.

I then took the opportunity to tell Isaac that we shared something very special in that our Mother's had gone to heaven when we were both very young.  I told him that while it was extremely sad and painful for a very long time, that I always knew my MOM was watching over us from heaven and wanted us to be close siblings and take care of each other. I told Isaac that he too was in that role of having to care for his younger siblings and to get along and learn from his older brothers.  Our conversation was very short but I believe in my heart, meaningful.

Later on during the program I was able to meet Isaac's DAD, he thanked me for the letters that I sent to Isaac and for the support I was providing.  I will post a picture of Isaac on Monday when I see him, so you have an idea of who he is.