Dec 26, 2011


Every child in the Mawuvios Outreach Program has their own special unique story. While they can be quickly stereotyped as " poor children" from Kissemah Village, each has their own unique strength and character, each with their own stamp on a world much much different than we can ever imagine.
First and foremost they are children, young boys and girls who want what we all want: to be validated as human beings, to be loved, appreciated, cared for,
nurtured, recognized and celebrated. These children in particular are all young intrepid survivors, some care for younger children, some are mini merchants, helping sell water or biscuits or fruit, some like Godwin are very street smart because they have to in order to make it from day to day.
Godwin is 13. He was born with a condition that keeps his wrists and his feet from being able to flex. So if he hold his arms straight out he is not able to hold his wrist or flex them. He is able to hold a pencil and use his fingers, however he does not have the regular strength in his hands like his classmates the same age. His feet are the same way, so he walks on them sideways. His feet are basically bent and he walks on the top of his feet. He has a wheelchair recently was acquired through a donation to the school.
Godwin lives between three houses, his grandparents, and older sibling and a care taker. Because of his condition people give him money ....not lots of money, but he always has money and he always has a trinket that he has bought with his funds. Godwin is also the 13 year old boy who charged other boys to ride his wheelchair as a big toy, Godwin is also been known to play cards for money with older boys. Godwin is also the child that got orthopedic shoes that were mysteriously stolen or misplaced between the places he lives at.
He is smart, always has a great big smile, but he is a mess. His school uniform is torn, since he can't wear shoes his feet are always extra dusty. A day ago when we went to visit his family, he had a big gash on his chin and said a someone riding a bike had run into him and knocked him to the ground. With Godwin you never know. From what I know, his Mother is in Nigera and I am not sure why he does not live with his Dad.
I would love to bring Godwin home so he could get a break. This child has a huge heart, he is the goalie on the soccer team, he also has the ways of a young politician and his smile will melt any heart that takes the time to know him.
His picture is a few entries below, he is posing with the Garbage Cars. If you have a quiet moment, think of him and send him good wishes via Karma post office.
Today the vacation school program, Poetry and Michael Jackson.

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