Dec 4, 2011


Friday night I went to an Elvis impersonator show at Smith's Old Bar in Atlanta.  Prior to the show in honor of Elvis, the group I went with had Fried Pickles @ Cow Tippers.  As I was watching the Elvis show, I grabbed onto the logistics of my Ghana trip and thought week from tonight I will be in Ghana.... far removed from family, friends, Elvis, fried pickles; I will be in a completely different world with people who live much different lives than I do and all it takes is a 10 hour flight to step out of one life and into another.  ( I always have to thank Orville and Wilbur for making flight possible) - 

This past week I've  experienced being filled with so much emotion and anticipation that I thought my heart was going to burst.  I try to imagine what it will be like to be surrounded by all the young children,  filled with life, energy, curiosity, children who want what all children in the world want, love, nurturing, safety, hope, nutrition, family, friends. 

As Renee Farwell has told me several times, the trip to Ghana will change my life. And what I think she means; the experience will open up new windows in my heart , being there day to day, going to school with the children, making bracelets with the children, holding their hands, learning about them, about Kissemah, about Ghana, will allow me to witness  a broader view of humanity rooted in the same things we all hope for and want in our lives.  I also know that in GHANA, GOD is a huge presence in the daily lives of people. I look forward to sharing and learning about their faith, how they step in the Grace of God everyday and see the cup full. 

Being able to write and write and write while I am there is also something I look forward to everyday.  For me writing is like painting, or singing or drawing - Being able to do this in such a concentrated way is passion.  

Last night I was blessed to be with family and dear dear friends to celebrate my journey to Ghana.  I was asked to select the menu and we had Paella.  It is one of my favorite all time dishes for many reasons; it is a wonderful,  lots and lots of delicious ingredients go into the recipe, I love rice, and most important it is a "community" dish - you all get to share, it all comes in one large pan, it is always a culinary adventure.  Thanks to my family and dear friends for the wonderful evening.

The support of all - family, friends, co- workers, means so much; I take you all with me.  The children will all know your names. I will tell them of the wonderful community I have in my life, the community of amazing people who care about the children of Mawuvios.   THANKS FROM MY HEART.