Dec 25, 2011

December 25th, 2011

It is noon in Kissemah and it is hot today. We had a gentle cool breeze earlier in the morning, it has exited stage left. Today is marked by most everyone attending church services and then going back home to celebrate with a special meal. Last night there was lots of music and fire works. Today some people on our street will roast a goat, I am looking forward to this. Last night I checked the high temps: in Goose Lake about 42, in Atlanta about 59 and in Accra it was 89. Traci and Lizzie and myself are scheduled to fly back on Wed evening arriving in Atlanta @ 5am on Thursday.
This morning I went to the Pure Fire Church with Kwame. The sanctuary holds about 2000 people, they have a wonderful worship band and singers. The service is from 8am to 11:30am, and it is part church, part concert, part everyone gets up and dances and is moved by and with the spirit. They also have communion.
I was moved by the sense of community, by the palpable faith and presence of the Holy Spirit in the air. The service included readings, a sermon, prophecies, and the dedication of a new born child to God. And many Amens and Hallelujahs.....
Most of the women were dressed in beautiful long skirts with matching tops made of dramatic, colorful, beautiful fabrics. I wished I could have taken pictures, one was more beautiful than the next and there were hundreds and hundreds. Some had the same fabric wrapped around their heads in different ways, all very stylish.
The hours I was in the Pure Fire Church today I will carry with me in my heart forever. Wherever you are today, may God Bless You.

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