Dec 24, 2011

Day Visit to Cape Coast ...

On Friday we left at 6am to visit Cape Coast and the Kakum Rain Forest Canopy Walk. We drove in the car for about 2.5 hours headed west, sometimes we were along the coast. We actually passed Cape Coast and went to the Kakum Rain Forest and experienced the canopy walk tour. Eight suspended bridges high above the trees, we were in a group of about 25 people with a guide. I have a video that I will post on YouTube and then link to my Facebook. It was fun and cool. Kakum is like a state park, lots of groups go there on day trips. There is a cafe, public restrooms and a gift shop. At Kakum is where I had my first Coca Cola Light and the public restroom facilities flushed.
After Kakum we headed to Elmina Castle, one of two castles built in the 1500 and 1600 for the gold trade, started by the Portuguese, then the Dutch. At some point selling humans as slaves became more profitable and the castle or fortress was turned into the warehouse for humans who were enslaved and sold to go to other continents, Europe, America, the islands in the Carribean. I went to the same castle that President Obama and his wife and daughters visited when they were in Ghana. We had a wonderful guide, Charles, who took us around and provided all the history and facts about the castle. I took many photos with my regular camera that I will share when I get home. The tour of the castle which sits right by the sea side is sobering. To walk the grounds of a place were so much human suffering took place was not easy. Our guide provided enough detail of what the slaves went through on a daily basis and took us to the rooms they were held in and the pathway to where they were boarded onto the ships to eventually sail, it was hard to take it all in.
I have to interrupt my update, I am typing this at 7am on Saturday morning in front of the school office and a pack of random goats just visited. There is a hedge of sorts in front of the school porch, they came to have a snack. I photographed them, I will post the picture.
Both of the castles are in Cape Coast area which is a big city in Ghana. Many universities are in that area. The drive along the beach was wonderful. Elmina which means "the mine" in Spanish was right on the water so we saw a different way of life. The market area was a small harbor filled with colorful wooden boats, many of them and people everywhere, fish being t sold in addition to all the other items we have seen before. This is another place I would love to come back to spend a few hours photographing.
On the way home we stopped to get gas and a cool drink and we all had plantain chips. The place we were at was playing of all things country music. We got home around 6pm and had a wonderful dinner prepared by CECE. Then we all had our village showers, chilled for a bit and went to bed.
It was a long day, it was great to see the country side.

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