Dec 12, 2011

Day Three in Kissemah, Sunday 12/12

The day is not over, normally I type the updates in the early morning and post, but right now we are in the middle of a power outage, everyone is outside, will see how long the electricity is out. All I can say is that it is hot and there is not anything you can do about it. I am thinking of taking my outdoor shower with my head lamp. There is a cat that hangs out high above one of the walls that surrounds the shower, I am sure the light will attract him or her.
Today I did not go to the Pure Fire church, I was simple worn out from the day before and I wanted quiet time to write. Traci and Lizzie said the service was nothing they had ever experienced before, lots of singing and letting the spirit move you and praying, shouting, all in the name of God. I will go next Sunday for sure.
After I posted my update Rueben and Randolf came to visit, they helped me with a project and we practiced sign language again. I almost have the entire alphabet figured out. A few other of the school regulars joined us and soon it was early afternoon. Renee brought us a bowl of cut up pineapple and oh my it was as good as the pineapple in Panama. Interesting the pineapple pulp is white, not a hint of yellow like back home. Renee said we will get some for afternoon snack everyday.
I had tea with CECE in the morning, I made plans to cook with her the day of the school function so I can appreciate all the culinary skills of an outdoor cook. She does about 90% of her cooking outside on a tiny grill fueled by sticks of carbon or charcoal. She will even boil water for the shower if you want. Cece is also going to buy a brown coconut so I can teach her how to make coconut rice, she told me that her Grandmother used to make, she has some memories of something like I described. Cece was a cook at the university for a long long time. Now she is like the house Mother of the school
So what I have been eating, tea for breakfast, with bread if you want. For lunch we have the fruit and for dinner so far rice and chicken. The day we went to Aiykumah, we had grilled corn at a road side stand and then stopped at a local eatery, we all had a beer and grilled sausage that was served on a skewer. Kwame and Lawrence and Johnny had Fufu. It is a local delicacy, a spicy tomatoe type soup with lots of red peppers with beef or fish or both. Then they plop a ball of a dough like substance made of ground plantain and cassava flour. The local custom, you eat with your fingers, you scoop up the soup with a piece of the dough that you shape like a spoon. So anytime you order Fufu you get a bowl of water and a towel on the side to wash your hands.
This afternoon we walked to the house of a friend of Kwame's who has a group of local drummers, the style is called borbor [i am sure I am mispelling], I will correct tomorrow. We went with Gloria, Angela, Mary, Mabel, Mud, Felicia and Beauty, they are all girls from the school who will perform at the holiday function next Saturday. I have video I will post when I get home.
To get to the house we walked through two of the villages with Kwame and Renee and the girls and we made quite a stir. Obruni, Obruni, you would hear with laughs and giggles, some people did double takes, some small children saw us and ran, some cried. I was never uncomfortable, Kwame knows most of the people so he was getting greeted most of the way to and fro.
The conditions the people live in is hard to take in. Most houses are the size of a bedroom, some do and don't have electrify and for all the water is a local tap they share, so there are buckets and large basins everywhere and most everyone can carry one on their head.
Our compound has one light per room, the water is outside for everything....coking, bathing, washing your hands. You go back to the area where Cece has shop set up and there are pails for everything. There is order and it works very well. Most of the children who attend the school live in the houses we saw in the villages today, that is why a school/dormitory is so appealing to them:_ food, shelter and education with electricity and running water. If Mawuvios can get enough funding they will buy a generator for power outages.
I have to stop, I need to drink some water. I am drinking water like a camel....lots and lots. Take care, exams start tomorrow and I think we are doing the backpack surprise tomorrow. STAY TUNED.......
PS... While I was in the shower the power came back on...Thanks to the angels watching over Kissemah. I know am not supposed to pray for practical things like electricity but I did.

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