Dec 15, 2011

Day Six in Kissemah 12/14

It is 7:14am, I am having coffee in the back in Cece's kitchen area with Renee and Stephan, Cece's grandson. The morning is quiet, cool, this is one of my favorite times of the day. I am still in awe of all the things that Cece does in her outdoor kitchen. Today is the last day is school for most children, so she made indudu for Stephan to take to school. He took a medium size tupperware type container of "noodles ramen style" with a scrambled egg mixed in. The dish looked quite tasty.
A few phrases I have learned.....Or ways of saying things....
1. dash me a beer or dash me some peanuts
2. Madam plaster my leg or my arm.....this means put a band aid on leg or arm
3. arm or head is paining me....this is a ploy for the kids to get into the school office .....paining me is their term for hurting or head ache, etc.
4. AKBE is thank you.....
5.MY E MAVA.....When you leave a room you usually say.....I go and come of the local customs
6. One of my all time favorites.....Madam, Johnathan hit my buttocks...
Yesterday we had day three of exams. The children practiced their holiday program songs. I have a video I will post of one of my favorites.....the Papa Buy Shoes for me song.
In the afternoon we took a break and had beer and sodas across the street at the RASTA SPOT. Here spot means bar. Late in the afternoon we had the bead program, about 15 children from the school come back to make bracelets.
They make about 50 or 60 bracelets per session. When we go back, Lizzie and Traci will take a batch to Iowa so Renee's Mom can continue to post and sell on Etsy... And I will bring some back to sell in Atlanta. Now that Mawuvios has their 501 c 3, Google has grants that we are going to apply for that will provide better hit results for Mawuvios when someone does a search for Ghana bracelets, or recycled glass bead bracelets, etc......Patrick when I come back I am going to ask you to help me understand all of this so I can successfully write the grant proposal.
I am going back to the office so I can post this.....Lizzie and Traci are going back to the Madam Augusta Salon de Bombay to get Lizzies hair braided.
This afternoon we are going to the Dome market to buy the "minerals" for the holiday program.....minerals here refers to soda or pop. A Coke or a Fanta is considered a mineral.
Sherm thanks for helping me with my iPad questions yesterday. I appreciate very much. THANK YOU!!!

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