Dec 7, 2011

Cappucino's, lettuce and APPLE

Things I am going to miss
1_ Cappuccino’s in the morning with Cindy and Maddie and Morgan
2_ Morgan licking my legs when I get out of the shower
3_ Maddie nudging me for a massage every morning
4_ Lettuce

*Maddie and Morgan are Welsh Corgi's ... FYI. 

Things I am not going to miss
1_ Driving and winter 

I will be corresponding with family and friends via email and Skype and the blog,  all of you will be right there with me. And I am so glad to have you along. I will miss all of you and carry you close to my heart. 

Thanks to all my wonderful and dear co-workers; today I got one more check so I can buy a "program" gift for all the children.  In addition to the new backpacks the children will get, I have funds donated by family and friends to buy one large gift for the school, the program, whatever is most needed that will benefit them all.  

I also had one last team meeting at work today and it was heart warming, all of you in the 4:30 meeting today, I appreciate your kind words, your support. I will  be telling all the children great stories about all of you.  Not sure how I will explain requirements gathering and SDLC... should be for an interesting conversation. 

Sherm this shout out is especially for you.  I raced home today and and practiced posting the prior entry today with my iPad. I took the picture with iPad and emailed with iPad directly to the blog site.   I am going to be an iPad expert when I get back for sure. Thanks for all the questions you answered about my ability to call and email while in Ghana.  APPLE ALL THE WAY !!! 

I have 14 to do's on my list and I will be ready. This include packing, going to pharmacy one last time for preventative medications, and even a doctor's appointment tomorrow.  Cindy will take me to the airport around 5:30pm and the Delta flight leaves @ 9:15pm.    I am thrilled like a little kid.. the anticipation is filled with JOY.