Dec 23, 2011


On Wednesday we left Kisemmah around 9am and did not get back until about 7pm. We visited the new school construction site, we went to the Somanya Market in a township of the same name. Then we visited the Shai Hills Nature reserve and then we wet to Jerry's a local hang out that is frequented by students and professors of the Univ. of Ghana in Legon.
I wish I could have shot a video of the entire day, the sights, sounds, vistas were all things Ghana. The entire experience is almost over stimulating as there is so much to see and take in. At the Somyana market the gamut ran from Maggi brand tomato paste and other condiments machetes. Everything you can imagine they sell at the market. I have pictures I will include in my Ghana iMovies when I get home.
The drive from Kissemah to the school site is probably 40 to 50 miles, you go through neighborhoods or areas of greater Accra as you leave the city, then the drive is like being out in the country, where you pass through different less populated townships as they call them here. On the roadside, there are always vendors and small store fronts ( road side) stands that again sell everything.
I saw bicycle and scooters for sale, goats and even several places where you could buy beautiful elaborate caskets. In Ghana almost every purchase you make is cash. The only place I have seen a credit card used is at some gas stations. I am sure that major hotels use credit cards, but most places you have to use Cedis.

I am writing this post at 5am.....we wre getting ready to go on a day trip to Cape Coast with Johnny and Lawrence, who are brothers. They are friends of Renee and Kwame that live in Kissemah.

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