Dec 18, 2011

8 Days in Kissemah.....

I have been in Kissemah for 8 days, sometimes it feels like 8 months, sometimes 8 minutes. 

My eyes have seen and my heart has felt emotions that while I knew were possible, were not felt before in context of reality.  Matilda's story for example will tug at my heart forever.  Seeing Alice come back from those 2 days of fever, to a loving, funny, elegant five year old, warmed my heart, the video I made of her and Grace Mary is a classic. Our warm welcomes, everywhere we go we are welcomed, people wish us well, thanks us for coming to visit. Everyday when I greet Cece and Renee and Kwame and the children, there is a proper way to start the day, always saying Good Morning. or Morning Morning, and always asking each other how we are.... and responding with care, with a smile,  with an acknowledgement that indeed it is a new day.    I love this !!!!!

The practical aspect of life is much much different here and I know I've only seen the surface. The humanity of everything I have been a part of or observed is what we all know.  The children want to be validated, loved, nurtured, cared for, like all children in the world. Their eyes are always bright and curious, their smiles are magnets.  All of them with their own story, their own beginnings.  What Kwame and Renee are trying to do for them is break they cycle, the giant circular pattern that is the life of their parents or caretakers, aunts, uncles, Grandparents, older siblings.  With an education the children can get better jobs, they can go to trade schools, they can even go to university.  They have to be able to read and write and do proper math. They have to stay focused on school and learning, learning.  They have to know in their hearts that they do have a chance.

There are so many challenges, barriers, coupled with amazing opportunity and potential.  The world can change for these children and for some it definitely will.