Nov 3, 2011

Vaccine Day & Backpacks...

Today I had my vaccine appointment and learned so much about all the potential illnesses I can get if I am not careful.  Common sense certainly prevails in much of the prevention, but certainly I have to be careful.

I got my yellow fever shot, my tetanus booster shot and 3 prescriptions for malaria medicine I have to take, for Zipro in case I get sick, and one for nausea incase that happens.

We also got the first shipment of backpacks, they were shipped to Cindy at the Lake Hearn address and since there was a heavy down pour, she did not bring them home. So tomorrow I will take a picture of them and post for sure.

I find myself telling the Mawuvio's story over and over, how I met Renee, details on my Google search that lead to our paths crossing and the excitement and joy is ever present.  I am counting down the days, December 8th will be here soon.

I leave on a 9:15pm DELTA flight and land in Accra Ghana the next day at 1:00pm; Ghana is six hours ahead.  The weather will be hot and humid and I hear that as soon as I step outside the aiport in Accra the sights, sounds, smells are at high pitch, on maximum strength, and that I better be ready for all things Ghana.

Thanks again to all who provided support on the backpacks - the children will be thrilled.