Nov 11, 2011


I am grateful for all the support the children are getting via all the funds I have received for the backpacks and the funds that will be put towards a "gift" for the program when I get to Ghana.

Checks keep showing up in mailbox and at my desk at work.  Bracelets are being ordered from the Etsy site...... THANKS  to everyone, thanks for the funds, your interest, your encouragement, your well wishes. Thanks for reading the blog and sending me notes, emails. 

I appreciate from my heart;  I will ensure that all the children are aware of the wonderful people in my life: family, friends, co-workers - people who care about them a continent and an ocean away.

I also want to thank Drew for the SKYPE call this week. I met Drew via his blog that provided updates while he visited Ghana in August. I was doing a Google search for information on the CEDI exchange rate and somehow I ended up on Drew's blog.

 I read every post, looked at all his wonderful pictures.  I emailed him, asked if I could send him a few questions and a few days later we SKYPED - he provided great details about his trip, his impressions of Accra, Ghanianan people, customs.  He was there in the rainy season and said "he never crossed paths with a mosquito or bug".  Drew is a delightful young man, it was a pleasure to meet him. Below is the link to the organization that Drew was supporting in Ghana, WORLDREADER.