Nov 8, 2011

Mawuvio... Children of God

In November of 2009 when Kwame and Renee were finalizing the documentation proposal to become an official Ghananian NGO (non-govermental agency) they had to formalize their mission and vision and name their organization.

Kwame wanted Renee to suggest the name of the NGO  and Renee said "No, Kwame, you have to name the organization,  it is your idea, your dream and you should name it."

After a few minutes of conversation, the decision was reached to call themselves, Outreach Programme having in mind the future plans to reach out to more that just children, to everyone in need helping them become more sustainable.

"Kwame, how do you say God's Children in Ewe?,  Renee asked

"God's Children is Mawuvio's" Kwame said.

"What about Mawuvio's Outreach Programme", Renee suggested.

You don't think it should be all in English..... God's Children Outreach Programme? No that does not sound right. Yes Renee I think you are right, the name should be Mawuvio's Outreach Programme combining both Ewe and English.

Renee and Kwame both sat on the porch that November afternoon in Kissemah repeating the name over and over until it sunk in sounding just right.