Nov 27, 2011

HORRAY HORRAY HORRAY.... Mawuvio's is 501 (c) (3)


I will post the letter from the IRS on the Support tab, above is an excerpt ! I got the great news from Renee's Mom, Barbara Farwell today via email. Barbara did all the work along with a CPA from the Quad Cities area to file the application and forms with the IRS. This process took 4 to 5 months to complete ! ! ! ! ! !  

We will be registering Mawuvio's Outreach Program with First Giving to get all the benefits provided by that  organization.  What a great way to wind down the THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY ! ! ! This is a huge step for the long term success of Mawuvio's: I am thrilled for Renee and Kwame and all the children who are benefiting from this program.