Nov 29, 2011

Counting Down the Days.....

My TO DO  list is getting smaller and smaller.  I still have to go to the hardware store to get sand paper for the art project and revisit all the suitcases stuffed with the backpacks.  Today I got my peanut butter packets; I need to get my protein bars and I am set. I got all my medicines, my head lamp, my shower slippers, hats, sunglasses, my 2 sun dresses made especially for this trip by Annette Clarke. I have to prepare the boxes that are being shipped and call Renee and Kwame this weekend to check on any last minute items they may want.   I got confirmation from Renee that we have internet service available in the school office, so writing every day will be done right on the premises.  I hope to be able to SKYPE and include some of the children on the calls. 

When I got confirmation from Renee last week on the physical address of the school so I could find it on Google Maps and include in my shipping information, I had to smile. The school is at  9 Park Road in Kissemah, off the main Achimota - Legon road opposite the Rasta Bar and Eleqiuem Welfare Association.   I remember Renee's Dad telling me about the bar across the street where I can get a soda or a local beer.  I will post photos for sure. 

Yesterday in the mail and today at work I got more checks. The response to the original backpack request for support buying all the backpacks has been phenomenal.  I got bright yellow tags with the school logo, so all the children can have their names on the backpacks.     I also got the 18 crucifixes I ordered to make the rosaries, those will go right in my carry on. 

I cannot put into words the gratitude and comfort I have in my heart due to all the support, encouragement and interest from my family, friends and co- workers.  I hope this is a collective journey and that what I  share via updates on the blog and when I return will touch the hearts of all who have been involved.  THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS AND THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS ! ! ! ! !