Oct 25, 2011

VISA.... 42 days until the trip

Yesterday when I got home from Savannah, in the mail box, I  received  my Visa for multiple entries to Ghana; the trip more and more becoming a reality.  I have most of my to do's "to get ready" completed with the exception of my yellow fever shots and getting some medications that I have to have with me incase I get sick.

I am finalizing all the information I want to share with the children. I want to talk to them about POETRY, about some of my favorite places in the world: Venice, Iguazu Falls, Panama. I want to teach them a few basic greetings and phrases in Spanish.

One day I want to be the lesson plan, I want them to ask me questions  want about my life, my family, my siblings, the dogs, what life is like for me  in Atlanta, why I wanted to learn about them and visit them in Kissemah.  We are also going to do  art projects and make rosaries from the Kobro recycled glass beads that most people know come from Ghana. I know it will be very warm in Ghana, I am  looking forward to the tropical climate.

I am looking forward to meeting all the children and to be able to write about them and their lives in Kissemah Village.   What is life like on a daily basis  as an orphaned child or an abandoned child ?  What is it like to have a ongoing relationship with hunger,  with knowing that your future is dependent on the caring and concern of others, of strangers a world away. What does an orphaned child hold onto for hope and faith and encouragement, how does that work in their lives, in their minds, in their souls.

I know that I will learn and witness many aspects of the human spirit,  of caring, kindness, compassion, of leaning into discomfort and not giving up on a dream.  I plan to interview Renee and Kwame and share the triumphs of Mawuvio's Outreach Program, the organization and program they established in August 2009.

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