Oct 29, 2011


Today I had the pleasure of meeting 4 of the Mawuvio's students via the phone. I called Renee this morning to check on the progress of the building and how school was going for all the children, she was in a car with a group of them and yes the phone was passed around so I could meet and talk to them. It was wonderful to hear their voices and feel their smiles all the way from Ghana.

I got confirmation from Renee today on what I can bring to all the children when I come in December, BACK PACKS ! !   I am doing the research on line for the most durable and best priced options. I need to bring 30 back packs for the girls and 35 for the boys.   I am sure I am going to learn many details about back packs that I was not aware of, thank goodness for the internet.