Oct 31, 2011

Backpacks, Vaccines and Skype...

Today I have funding for 32 backpacks ! ! ! I am thrilled and ever so grateful and thankful to friends and family for  helping me get the packs for the children.   I am still working on how to get all the goods there; I know the details and logistics will all work out.

Today I found out from Renee's MOM, Barbara Farwell that I am going to have a travel companion.  ONe of Renee's friends from Goose Lake, Iowa is going to make the trip with me on the same flights, etc.  It will be great to have someone to compare notes with and experience all the Ghanian culture, sights, sounds, etc.

Today I scheduled my appointment for my yellow fever vaccine; one head lamp from Lowe's and I will be ready to go.  I have to work on my POETRY lesson plan, I have a good idea of what I am going to do; I need to work on my presentation since I will  have 3 age groups, from 5 to 14.

Today I confirmed my meeting with "Drew" - I found his blog via the internet when I was researching exchange information on the Ghana currency, the Cedi.  Drew was in Ghana recently and he agreed to a SKYPE call so I could ask him about his recent trip.

One last to do, I need to get a world map.