Sep 4, 2011


Mawuvio's was founded by two amazing citizens of the world, Eric Kwame Agoe and Renee Farwell. I have not had the pleasure of meeting Kwame,  at the same time I know many things about him via his Facebook page, via the Mawuvio's web site and via all the stories that Renee shared with me while I visited her in Goose Lake a few weeks ago. 

Kwame is from Ghana, he is 31 years old and he is an angel on earth providing hope and opportunity for the children of Kissemah; sixty children to be exact.  Kwame is the person that met Renee at the University of Ghana and invited her to Kissemah so she could meet the children and help him teach the small group  that gathered everyday on the porch of his house. 

When Kwame was 8 years old his father died. His mother remarried a man who had too many kids, Kwame was abadoned and left to live on his own. His home became the Malata Market where he helped people get bags to their cars in return for pennies.  In his late teens Kwame found shelter at the Eliquiem Orphanage were he learned how to fix computers.  He found himself on the streets again when the orphanage owner died and the orphanage was closed down.  Since then Kwame has reunited with his Mother and is living in Kissemah. 

The simple invitation to visit Kissemah and meet the children in mid 2009, has evolved into an NGO, a non-governmenal program that supports  60 children going to primary school: grades 1 to 6th. The Mawuvio's Outreach Program educates, feeds and provides shelter to the children. Many are orphaned and abandoned; Mawuvio's for them is school and home.  Mawuvio's is hope, opportunity, community.  I look forward to December when I get to meet Kwame in person.