Aug 4, 2011


The weekend of August 20th, I am traveling to Goose Lake, Iowa to meet Renee Farwell and her family. Renee is headed back to Ghana on August 29th, and I definitely want to meet her and her family before she heads back.  I am thrilled that I will be able to spend some time with Renee learning more and more about MAWUVIOS and Eric and all the children. One of my goals in supporting the program is not only to raise funds for the building, but also to create awareness for the overall program, the children and the incredible work that Eric and Renee are doing.  In addition I want to celebrate and recognize and remind anyone who is interested that one action, one chance meeting, one kind word, a gesture, a minute or two of time, can translate into a lifetime of validation for one person, for a group of children, for a village.I want to write, promote, tell stories, make videos of Mawuvios - I am looking forward to meeting Renee and her family and being in Iowa.