Aug 16, 2011


This weekend I am flying to Goose Lake, Iowa to meet Renee Farwell and her family.  As I told Barbara, (Renee's MOM) if I am going to write about Renee and Eric and the Mawuvio's program I need to meet Renee.  I need to meet her for 2 reasons.

 I am in awe of a young person taking on such a HUGE role and responsibility.  I want to ask Renee what was the tipping point that made her go all in. Renee is a college graduate, from Roosevelt University in Chicago. I think her graduation date was this past May, I will confirm.  On August 29th, Renee is going back to Ghana for an extended period of time to see the program through getting established and sustainable.  So much work to do.  Check the 2011 spring and summer photos in the links section. This will give you an idea of where I will be.

I have a vast list of questions covering all the topics you can imagine about the program, the children, the support to date, how the city of Goose Lake has contributed and supported MOP, what I need to plan for during my visit.  Many people have asked me what they can do, what can they send. I plan to get all that information.  I also want to know how the donations are being used; my understanding today there are 2 goals, building the school and dormitory building and making the program sustainable. I also want to ask about the beautiful beads ! ! ! ! I want to know all about how they get the beads, how the children make the bracelets, where they make them, how long it takes, etc. I am sure I will learn a great deal from my visit to Iowa. Renee's family is letting me stay at their house.  I am looking forward to meeting them all.

Note: According to the 2000 Census there were 232 people in Goose Lake, 84 households and 61 families. In 2011 in Accra, the estimated population is 3,963,264.