Jul 19, 2011


In August of 2009 Renee Farwell from Goose Lake, Iowa had a need to make copies while she attended the University of Ghana, in the capital, Accra. Renee was there as part of a study abroad program while she was a junior at Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois. At the copier Renee met Eric Kwame Agoe who was working for the universities music department. Their lives after that chance afternoon encounter, forever entwined.

 In June of 2011, I was looking for recycled glass bead bracelets from Ghana via a Google search and came upon an amazing collection on the Etsy site: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Mawuvios?section_id=7797130

 After placing an order for 5 bracelets I received an email from Renee Farwell indicating that one of the bracelets was out of stock and could she send a different one.   The email was signed, Renee Farwell, Director of the Mawuviou’s Outreach Program in Accra, Ghana.  I am not sure what prompted my curiosity, perhaps the name Farwell juxtaposed with a program in Ghana, or maybe not being familiar with a city called, Accra.   Two or three clicks later I was face to face with the children of Mawuvio’s:  their voices, their smiles and their possibilities. Their youthful energy captured in brief video clips, “a magnet invitation” that seized my heart.

Today, Renee is getting ready to return to Ghana for an extended stay to continue the work her and Eric started on the porch of his aunt’s home teaching young children how to read and write English. Between them, a conversation became an idea, an idea became a dream and today their program is supporting 100 children with education, food and clothing.  Their biggest goal yet unrealized: the completion of a building that will serve as school and dormitory for the children who are abandoned or orphaned. http://www.mawuviosoutreachprogramme.org/index.html 

Bravo to all the Eric and Renee’s of the world that take hold of random moments and are not afraid to consider the possibilities, to entertain ideas, and to follow their hearts and minds.  To date much of Eric and Renee’s work has been supported by people far from Ghana, in a small, rural farming community, Goose Lake, Iowa.

Chance meetings or divine intersections, however we get there, let’s get there.  Big or small, opportunities invite us every day to share a gesture, an embrace, a bracelet, a meal, a poem, a book, a pair of shoes, a notebook, a pencil, a hand written note.  The energy, the grace and the power; they all spill from one heart to another, or from one heart to hundreds, one opportunity at a time.

provide an intimate view of a dreams unfolding, of hope taking hold, of life’s intersections with ourselves and what we are truly capable of.

A random internet search has given me the opportunity to support Renee and Eric, I am headed to Kissemah Village in Ghana in December to meet the wonderful children of the Mawuviou’s Outreach program.