May 7, 2009

Cusco for 3 Days

Last night around 7pm we made it to Cusco. We were all tired, Roger is a tiny bit under the weather. Today we are going to the famous Pisac Market, a gathering of locals and Qechua Indians selling all their crafts, textiles, antiques, silver and more. It is a photographer's dream, lots of character and colors. I am looking forward to the visit. We will be out most of the day with our guide David. Tomorrow we do a city tour of Cusco.

Susan and Lis successfully hiked all the way up to La Puerta del Sol. They have amazing photos of Machu Picchu we will share.

There is so much to share about Peru, I have to tell you about the people, the are wonderful, warm, helpful, courteous, considerate. So many examples during the trip. A sense of goodness and energy abounds everywhere. It is a great feeling, sharing the positive side of humaness in this great country.

The food has been great. In Cusco we plan to venture out to local restaurants , I will pass the reviews on later. At Aguas Calientes, Liz found a place via her guide book, Inca Feliz that served Peruvian French fusion food, Susan, Liz, Cindy, Nikki and Sue ate their yesterday and said it was delicious all the way around. Cindy takes pictures of all the interesting food we eat, so a full report will come

At Machu Picchu I forgot to tell you about the LLAMAS. There was a group of about 7 adults and 2 babies and they roamed freely, in and out of the tour groups, so at home. I got a few pictures I will send.

Our group is delightful, we are all having fun and getting along. It is wonderful to be able to spend time with Roger and Mary since I dont get to see them that often. Sue is a delight, funny and full of energy. Nikki is speaking lots of Spanish.

Since we are in Cusco for 3 days I should be able to blog when we get back from our excursion today.

Sending all our love to BD and Maddie and Morgan. And yes girls we are snapping photos of all kinds of Peruvian doggies so you can check them out. And we got you some Peruvian purses that will look great with your tricolor coats. Love you all.