Oct 9, 2008

A cheese grater & World Peace....

Jennifer Chinn's niece Claire's Birthday List 10.18.2008


That's the link to the jacket I told you I'd like as my BIG present.

Maybe even my bday/christmas... but get it for the bday, not wait till
christmas. I've got the discount code and we can order it online or
check out stores.

Everything else I want (other than the jacket) is just random small
stuff, so I'll let you know what I can think of. Yall usually pick out
good random stuff too... so go to town. A great bday present yall could
get me is pay for my cooler I have to buy for Scott for formal-- but
I'd like to help pick it out. Those things are like 15-20 bucks a
piece! Heres a few other small things I'd like/need.

1) A few different kinds of eyeshadow (just the singles from Ulta,
preferably shades of browns, greys, and pinks)
2) Another pair of cute (ish) sweatpants... old navy?
3) Cute wintery dressy tops for chapter/going out... forever 21/H&M?
4) A cheese grater.
5) Some cool used books. I'm into reading these days.
6) Something weird and funky. Maybe like some random art supplies or a
statue. Get creative, you aren't dead yet.
7) Black Leggings. And some tights... tan/nude and black.
8) TOMS shoes. If not bday, Christmas. They're super cool-
you pay $30 and they send you a pair in your size and also send a pair to a little
kid without shoes in another country. Talk about a gift that keeps on
giving! Maybe even a cool idea for like secret santa at St. Martins or
the Cabinet (if yall do stuff like that...)
9) The ultimate and probably most expensive as well as inevitable...
a tank of gas :(
10) A dozen cuban cigars.
11) A life size cut out of Robert Redford and Paul Newman from
Butch & Sundance.
12) THE GREEN BIBLE (I mentioned it... yall may have forgotten)
13) World peace.

Maybe we could just take a little evening or day trip to Little 5 and
Atlantic Station either fri or sat? Eh? Eh? Just wondering. Sorry this
is such a random stream of consciousness email, I'm just kinda

Let me know what yall think. Get together and brain storm. Love ya!