Dec 1, 2007

Hasta La Proxima, Buenos Aires, Besos Carlos

I am home in Atlanta, safe, a little tired, with Maddie and Morgan close by, what a joy to be with them again.

Our last day in Buenos Aires, up early at 7am walked the Recoleta area for about two hours, wandered, got lost, stopped at Confiteria Arles for the best cappucino of the trip, went to a park, (I forget the name) saw older, graceful, ladies doing Tai Chi, a ballet right in the middle of the city. And yes dogs everywhere, we ran into at least 10 dog walkers, they are so wonderful to watch. One group of dogs was parked, waiting for their walker to come from a building with yet another mate, and they all sit quietly, at attention almost, never fussing, never barking, or misbehaving when other dogs walk by, or cars, or people. For the people of the city it is such a common sight, there is no mystery or awe when seeing all the dogs, for us, it is a treat. The most popular breed of dog we saw over and over, Golden Retrievers, German Sheppard's, Poodles, Bulldogs, and Labradors.

After packing all our stuff, we headed to La Boca for about 1/2 hour to roam the 3 or 4 streets full of cafes, bars, artisans, craft people. The area in and around La Boca is worn, old, in need of a paint job, the area where all the tourists go is like the postcards, all bright colors, wooden houses, cobblestone streets, and tango dances everywhere.

Then we ventured to the Faena Hotel in Puerto Madero and had lunch at their Mercado restaurant billed as serving the best empanadas in BA and they were right, amazing. Puerto Madero is about 5 minutes from Recoleta by taxi, it is a newer part of the city, developed from old warehouses that sat right on the River Plata. Ten years ago, Puerto Madero was old, worn, no one lived there. Now is a beautiful, cool, chic part of BA. Modern buildings, amazing hotels, restaurants, parks, green space, and of course on all the river front. Very nice area of Buenos Aires.

The Faena Hotel and Universe (that's what's its called) hotel is one of the most chic, hip places in BA. As we were exiting the hotel, Cindy and Charlotte had a look at the pool and all the beautiful people "taking some sun" as they say in BA and right at the end of the pool under a beautiful umbrella, sitting in his tiny European bathing suit was none other than STING. We couldn't believe our eyes, but there he was. Cindy and Charlotte staked out a safe place in the hotel lobby and like papparatzi took a few pictures. They will be part of the BA slide show, stay tuned. The Police is scheduled to play today and tomorrow at the River Plata Stadium in BA, to sold out crowds of 80,000+ .

As a side note if you have time check out this web site, click on the English version and the click on the Buenos Aires link, they have the most amazing photo show of BA ... beautiful pictures, worth your time.

Diana Krall is also in BA, for a 12.04 concert, maybe if we stayed longer we could have spotted her.

Then back to the hotel to hang out, shop one last time in Recoleta and say hasta pronto and Besos to Buenos Aires.

We were extremely fortunate to have the services of a wonderful, amazing, funny, interesting, and very handsome guide, Carlos Leon Uzal. We had so much fun with Carlos, he took very very good care of us. Carlos we will miss and always remember you. Thanks for being a wonderful host of your amazing city and country.