Nov 25, 2007

What a beautiful day.....

Today we ventured to San Telmo to the famous Antiques Market held every Sunday. We got there around 11am and it was crowded. The are vendors with antiques that cover every category you can imagine, crystal, silver, pottery, dolls, toys, vitrolas, instruments, bottles from old pharmacies, old brass decorations, street signs, art, again anything you can imagine. The are also art vendors, and muscians, tango dancers, mimes, you name it. The day was a bit cool, as the noon around came the weather was perfect.

For lunch we went to Las Violetas, one of my favorite places. The confiteria is over 100 years old, with beautiful stained glass, black and white marble floors, old wooden pillars, big giant mirrors. The food is amazing, the pattisiere or confiteria is out of this world. Every dessert you can imagine in tiny bit size pieces and cakes, rolls, torts, it is like Disneyland for pastries.

We spent the afternoon in the Recoleta area walking a big park where there is craft fair, with all kinds of locally made goods, again the range is far an wide. The park is huge has large green areas where locals are sun bathing, playing, listening to mini concerts, and just plain having a good time.

The day was beautiful. We got back to the hotel room, had a wine and snacks happy hour with Charlotte, Cindy and Laura and Stephanie, now some are taking naps.

We are going to Puerto Madero for SUSHI. The area is close to the hotel and right on the River Plata.

Tomorrow is reserved for shopping and then at night we are going with Carlos, our guide, to the Carlos Gardel Tango Dinner Show.

Hope all is well. Maddie and Morgan we think of you all the time. You would love Buenos Aires, there are dogs everywhere.