Nov 27, 2007

Tango Tango Tango

Yesterday we went to the Carlos Gardel Tango show in the Abasto area of BA. I have a hard time trying to describe the dance, the passion, the discipline, the sensualiy, the weight of bodies pressing against each other, the hands reaching, touching, the eyes of each dancer fixed on the compass of the other.

The show was a 5 or 6 couples who did different interpretations of the tango, with an amazing tango orchestra, and also 2 singers. The performance was from 10:30pm to midnight, I would go again tonight if I could. We had a wonderful dinner before the show.

Cindy and Charlotte who took a few tango lessons before heading to BA, were amazed. The couples who danced each with their own style, their own flare of the dance. The movements at times very fast, legs moving in an out, sometimes slow and very sensual. The outfits the ladies had on like a fashion show, each dress or skirt cut in a way that the material is part of the dance.

There was a part in the show were a man danced with two brooms sticks with a cloth simulating a ladies dress, and that was also incredible. So many metaphors in that performance, love, loneliness, passion, and humor.

I would recommend highly. Per Carlos, our guide, there are about 300 tango shows throughout the city of BA all going on at the same time.

We met some very nice people who were going to the show, always fun to compare travel stories, where people have been, what they recommend.

Cindy and Charlotte in good form stayted out with the PorteƱos until 4am last night. There are lots of places around the hotel, all filled with locals and visitors to BA, always a story, always a memory.

Today we went to the Gonzales Leather Factory and had a wonderful time shopping for shoes, handbags, wallets and belts. All deals.

Tonight we are supposed to go to a Milonga, I have to figure out where we are doing to end up tonight.

Tomorrow we are leaving for Iguazu Falls at 8am. Every person I have met here who has been says the experience is amazing, impresionante as they say in Spanish.

Ciao for now and Besos.

PS We are getting great reports from BD on Maddie and Morgan, they are doing well, having fun. Also I hear it is cold in ATL - the weather here is like summer.