Nov 25, 2007

Sunday Morning in Buenos Aires

Saludos from Buenos Aires, I am up early ahead of the breakfast crowd, had my capuccino and agua sin gas and read the Buenos Aires Herald, quite a nice treat.

Last night we had dinner at Sotto Vocce which means "whisper" or "low voice" and the food was amazing. The eggplant appetizer like perfect clouds, sprinkled with parmessan cheese. The pasta all around the table delicious. We had Ruca Malen Malbec wine from Mendoza and it was a treat. Everyone had coffee for dessert with cookies on the house, the tab for 5 people, 2 bottles of wine, 2 appetizers and 5 entres, $130 US Dollars, amazing.

We started dinner at 8;30pm, ended close to 11pm, walked back to our hotel for a quick break and then we headed to the Alvear Palace Hotel and had a drink in their bar. The Alvear is like a movie scene out of the 1920... old, beautiful, full of gold, brass, chandeliers, waiters in black and white, silver trays and beautiful people everywhere, several decked out in polo gear. There was also a wedding going on at the hotel, fancy fancy.

The streets in Recoleta at 1:ooam full of people, the bars, clubs barely filling up at that hour. If you want to party here, you have to stay up really really late. We called it a night around 1:00am so we can be ready for our San Telmo adventure today.

More later, BESOS