Nov 24, 2007

Lunch with Robert Duvall @Cafe La Beila

Today Cindy and Charlotte slept in, while I checked out the area close to the hotel. Ana if you are reading this, your wallet is being fixed. I think I found the place you were referrring to.

We met our friends from Atlanta, Laura and Stephanie, and went to see the Recoleta Cementery. It is amazing, hard to describe. Yes there are lots of dead people there, however in the most amazing resting places. Architecture students must realize a fantasy when going here... the design, the materials, the carvings, the scupltures, the stained glass, the marble, the stonework, the stories, it is riveting. Evita Peron remains are in the Duarte Family masoleum so the cementery is full of tourist from all over the world. The cementery borders a beautfil park in Recoleta which is at the end of several large streets in the Recoleta area, so there are cafes and eating places all over. Many people taking advantage of the weekend and a beautiful day, out walking, strolling with baby carriages and ofcourse there are dogs everywhere.

We had lunch at Cafe La Beila which means "wrench" .. like a tool, not sure what the story is. After we sat down and ordered our salads and sandwiches, and we having our first beer, in walks Robert Duvall and his lovely Argentinian wife. They sat 2 tables away from us, only 1 person in the cafe came over to ask for an autograph, Robert Duvall obliged. They both had a CAFE of some sort and then left quietly. Our waiter, Gustavo said Mr. Duvall has been frequenting the Cafe La Beila for something like 7 years, he is considered a regular.

Ok the schedule for the rest of the day, take a nap, eat dinner around 9pm at Sotto Vocce thanks to the recommendation from Mariela Paredes from Panama and then we are going to explore some of the clubs around the Recoleta area.

Tomorrow we go to the famous San Telmo Antiques Market, to La Violetas for lunch and then back to Recoleta where there is a weekend craft fair that is wonderful, lots of handmade one of a kind artifacts, and then to a Milonga at th Confiteria Social.

BD, the lady taking care of Maddie and Morgan says they are both doing fine.