Nov 29, 2007

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Today we are taking the walking trails that surround the falls with a private guide. There is a train that takes you up to the top of Garganta Del Diablo and you see the river as it reaches the fall and spills into the lower Iguazu River.

The energy released by the falling water is amazing, breath taking. Outside of the hotel room we can see the falls in the disance, you never want to take your eyes off the window, balcony view.

I am sure there will be places on the trail today were we get up close and personal. The national park that surrounds the fall is very pretty, the Sheraton Hotel sits right in the middle and has access to all the trails. It is very well appointed, the staff here is great. There are lots of British people, some German, some Italian. And very few children of any age which suprises me.

Yesterday we met a nice couple from New York who was on a 3 week honeymoon in Argentina. They had been all the way to Patagonia and Calafate to see the penguins, ofcourse they said it was awesome.

I am so glad we came here. As I walked back to the hotel yesterday after the awesom up close and personal experience with the falls, I reached up to the skies and prayed and thank God for the blessings he has showered on m life. And I thanked him for Iguazu Falls.

At 3pm we head back to the aiport for a 5pm flight back to BA. Tonight if all goes well we will go to the Nino Bien Milonga, it runs from 11pm to 4am.

Ciao and Besos.