Nov 24, 2007


Besos from BUE as they say here.. Buenos Aires. Getting on a pc and figuring out how to the @ sign always a mystery, here at the hotel it is ALT ZERO SIX FOUR. But here I am, PC in hand sendnig my first update.

We had a few hours to wander when we got there, we checked out the Recoleta aera and had the famous empanadas at The SanJuanito place.

In the afternoon we did the city tour and ended up in an Argentinian Steak House for dinner. We had and our steaks and they were wonderful. Carlos our guide is such a wonderful man, full of stories and facts about BA that you wont get in a guide book.

The city old, charming, bustling, 3 million people in the city limits, 14 million in the suburbs. All the streets lined with trees, dogs everywhere, the PorteƱos love their dogs. A block from the hotel we ran into 2 or 3 dog walkers, one I think had 14 in tow, all walking orderly, behaving, being a good pack.

We visited the Cathedral, Plaza Mayo, San Telmo, Avenida 9 de Julio, the Carlos Gardel area, saw the Casa Rosada, Calle Florida. Today we are going to La Boca and the Puerto Madero area.

Cindy and Charlotte stepped right into the BA nightlife and stayed out until almost 5am. A nice gentelman named, Antonio walked them back to the hotel and they were safely tucked in and sleeping sound shortly after they got here. Lots of CHURROS out there, that is BA slang for handsome good looking men.

Today we are meeting our friends Laura and Stephanie and going to the Recoleta Cementery and haning out.

The hotel is very nice, centrally located, everyone wonderful, happy, smiling, and they love to give kisses here.

Ciao and Besos for now.....