Nov 30, 2007

A Chorus of Glory - IGUAZU FALLS

Yesterday standing right infront of the Devil´s Throat Falls in Iguazu, I had a moment or two were my eyes filled with tears. Tears of emotion from seeing and being so close to probably the most beautiful, magnificient, powerful manisfestation of nature that I will ever see.

The power of the water rushing over the fall is difficult to describe, all the while you are being showered with the most gentle spray of mist. Everywhere you look there is energy, beauty and so much water; the falls were at high levels so we were there at a good time.

We spent about 5 hours walking the park and getting up close and personal with many of the 17 major falls. Ofcourse there are people there from all over the world, all sharing a common experience of grace, glory, fury, emotion, it truly is moving.

I will post a slide show when we get home.

Today we are headed to the airport at 6pm, flight leaves at 9am, we are in ATL tomorrow at 5am. Hope all is well. Maddie and Morgan you will be home soon.

Saludos from Buenos Aires