Nov 26, 2007

6am in BA

Today I got up at 6am and walked the major streets close to the hotel for about one hour.

The city was somewhat quiet, the doormen of all the tall buildings were sweeping and washing down sidewalks, shinning the brass on the big entry doors, cleaning windows.

Children were waiting for transportation to school, vegetables were being uncrated at the small neighborhood corner stores, flowers delivered to flower shops and busses were rolling up and down Callao and Ave Santa Fe and Juncal and Vincente Lopez.

The dog walkers dont get out until 9am or 10am. The weather is probably in the mid 60*, it is expected to be in the mid 70* today as the high. The sun is bright, the sky a ligth blue, and always a tiny breeze. We are close to the River Plata which spans from Buenos Aires all the way to Montevideo in Paraguay, it is like an ocean.

Today we are going shopping to a pedestrian area called Calle Florida, to La Boca and then to the Carlos Gardel Tango Show.

Will keep you posted..... Besos from Buenos Aires