Sep 24, 2006

Monopoly & Mothers... My Mom, JoAnn ....

This week in Time Magazine I read that Monopoly, introduced originally in 1935, made changes to their game board and pieces, based on popular vote via the web. The transportation properties no longer trains, but airports, the real estate at today's market value, when you PASS GO, you now collect $2 million dollars instead of $200, and the game or board pieces, again by popular vote to name a few ... a packet of McDonalds fries, a Starbucks coffee cup, a Toyota Prius and a New Balance Sneaker..... The game is known as the Here and Now edition, the original game is still available.

When I think of Monopoly, I think of being in my youth in Panama, playing with my friends in Altos del Golf. I think of all the brands that I grew up with and I think of my MOM. My memories are of wood cases of Coca Cola and Orange Crush delivered to the house by the big truck filled with wooden cases of soft drinks.

I remember Tide, Palmolive, Ivory soap and Colgate toothpaste, and for some reason, AJAX and WINDEX were the soldiers of cleaning.

Imagine ice cream treats, Scooter Pies, we could only get them at the PX in the Canal Zone. We were so happy when the freezer had a box or two of scooter pies.

And for some reason in the stream of memories I think of the jar of fresh grated parmessan cheese we always had in the refrigerator. No Kraft fake parmessan cheese; we would get a big wedge of cheese from one of those big wheels and then bring home and grate fine and it would keep in the frig a good long while. No wonder I love that cheese so much.

My MOM was definitely the cool KOOL-AID MOM, all the kinds hung out at our house after school. Next week on 9/27 it is my Mom's birthday, she would have been 78 years old this year if she were still alive.

I often wonder what she would look like, what she would wear, how her voice would sound, what she would think of JoAnn Catherine, her grandaughter in Panama, and of Rogelio IV, her grandson. A tiny ache always in my heart... missing her everyday, since her untimely death from ovarian cancer in 1974.