Sep 11, 2006

All the Moons in Your Life

Palm trees in your briefcase
Discipline in your fancy crystal decanters
Rose petals in your instant oatmeal
Cinnamon sticks deep in your desk drawers.

Thick chipotle turtle tears or
The smile of soft chocolate caramelos
Flight from the edge of deep rivers
Calm from the calm of others seated in the dreaded middle.

Worn tattoos on the hood of your daily commute
Adequate Fridays that never improve
Red from holding hands with found children
God in every molecule your lungs route to brain cells.

Palms trees in the fields behind your home
Bright lights in the seven messages in your inbox
Calories in drag in your kitchen museum
Ghosts of Superman, Wonder Woman, Popeye & Olive Oil.

New spirits call your cell phone & listen to your voice
Paint cans in the garage empty, waiting for salvation
Available lessons in every mirror you pass and straighten
Chardonnay afternoons waiting for the cavalry and court.

Lions in your luggage, contingencies in your carry on
Sparklers in the spokes of your stationary bike
Hallelujahs for every day you decide
Palm trees, the markers for all the moons in your life.

by: E. Arosemena