Sep 3, 2006

Albaca, Basilico, Basil.... MAMA MIA...

This is my second crop of "basil".... green gold.

Last week I harvested basil plant that was about 18 inches tall. The leaves were deep dark green and the pesto sauce I made was amazing.

Imagine of your favorite ingredients.... parmessan cheese, olive oil, garlic, fresh ground pepper and pine nuts. I used the fresh, thick, green pesto sauce to dress a batch of elegant bow-tie pasta that I served with grilled lemon garlic chicken, grilled portobello mushrooms, zuchinni and yellow squash. It was so delicious I decided to grow one more crop for the year and have pesto pasta for my birthday in October.

I have a pesto memory that will be with me forever. When I was in Italy for the first time, with my Dad and brothers and sister, our tour ended in Venice. On a cool and rainy day in Venice I had the best pesto lasagna in the world. Think of 4 lasgana noodle pillows nestled gently on top of each other, forming a tiny fort on the plate. Between each layer a thick, dark, dark, green spalsh of pesto sauce and real fresh pungent parmessan cheese. It was rich and goey and thick and filled with flavors that I will never forget. We had red House wine that night for dinner with fresh, homemade hard crust dinner rolls and real butter.....OH MY.

Yes I love food, what can I say.I have to write some poetry about pesto and pasta. Stay tuned.